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05-24-2009, 02:36 PM
Hello everybody.
Maybe i'm not that new here (Joined: 22 Mar 2005) but i think i need to be more active then just "read and view pictures".
I have to warn you that my english is not very good - i'm learning it myself from net, movies and games.

I always had very scientific way of life (i'm an electrical engineer) and i never believed in magic, fantasy, ghosts, dragons etc...
Since little child i was fascinated with dinos.
The beginning: 1986 i was injured... they took me to children's hospital and then i get that amazing dino plush :)
What was next? off course Jurrasic Park in 1993 later dino comics, books, articles... :wink:
When i installed my first LAN connection i started to search for dino articles and pictures, also all other reptiles (snakes, crocodiles etc).
Finally, in 2005, i get here on herpy.beoch.net ;)
During my exploration of pictures archive i noticed lots of nice dragon art, but it was not for me.
You know, my scientific "Dinos was for real, we have evidence. Dragons are just pure fantasy."
But everything has changed about 6 months ago.

Now i have almost 400 pics of dragons of my HDD - and i love them even more then dinos.
Started to read dragon stories, comics, i finally watched "Dragonheart" and "Eragon"
I don't have my draconic name yet but i'm waiting to hear it in my dreams.
So what can i say... we have evidence that at least 1 dinosaur have evolved into dragon :mrgreen:

Only thing that hurts me is my family and friends. I can divide them into 2 groups: conservative christians and conservative scientists. Talk about dragons with them and they will call exorcist or psychiatrist - so i don't even tried.
That's why i can't have even single dragon poster in my room :(
At least they don't have access to my PC and my dreams. This is my little private sanctuary.

ps. did i said about my "legal for family" hobby? models making :D it really can discharge any stress. I returned to it after 10 years. Maybe it's not connected to dragons but this simple activity really helps me to "clear" my mind and relax.

05-24-2009, 10:58 PM
Hello jacdaj, you are not new here but anyway, welcome to the forums :)
It was very interesting to read what changed your view on life.
Almost the same things happened to me when I found that I'm in love with Dragons. And what is interesting I'm still having this dream, where I'm in the forest, in my 'dragon form', and I'm searching for something, walking in the forest, some times flying, but everything ends up when I hear a thunder and I just wake up. This dream didn't told anything to me when I was little, but then I saw a movie called "The never ending story" and something just waked up inside me, I don't know how to explain it. Just after that I started to be attractive to Dragons, then "Dragon heart" and then Internet. All this changed my view on life, I'm an electrical engineer too (but not only, at the same time I'm IT, and a light operator, I do spend some time fixing all kinds of electrical equipment) and after some time when I finally understood that there is a dragon inside me, I started to spend more time in the forests taking pictures of interesting landscapes, before that I was all locked up, studying, working, doing stuff for other people witch most of didn't even said "Thank you" for what I have done for them. I started to put more time for myself, doing what I like to do. I started to feel bad, when there is a lot off "normal" people around me, I sometimes say to myself "I'm surrounded by idiots..". The only thing that helps me after that, is Herpy or a nice book with Dragons, or some music witch helps me allot, I'm almost dying in the bus when I forget my mp3 at home :|
As for the dreams, I cant tell when next time I will have it again, I cant predict it, maybe one night I will find what I'm searching there in my dream :) . And I understand how it feels in a dream when you feel that it's where you belong, your real home. I have the same feeling in my dream and that feeling is strong. At first I didn't saw myself in that dream I was able to feel it only, but one night when I had this dream again I was near a big river and saw my reflection in it, I was so exited and unfortunately wake up. I thought that I will never see myself again in that dream, but unsuspectingly next time I had this dream I was able to see how I look, my tale, the color of my skin, not much in details coz it looks a little blury but I was happy ^.=.^

05-25-2009, 03:04 PM
Lithuania? Hi neighbor :)
My firm was so close to get contract in "MAŽEIKI? NAFTA" refinery... but our work force is too expensive and we lost:D

Still have that dream? Oh you lucky dragon :)
I wish i had more dragon dreams... i really want to see my reflection... or maybe just shadow on the ground... i don't even know my dragon name. But let me quote Einstein from Red Alert 1 "sooner or later, time will tell".

anyway, few month ago i tried to draw some dragons from various tutorials, but i just gave up :D
maybe i'll try again :)

05-25-2009, 09:53 PM
Aww Poland! Hi neighbor :)
I haven't noticed your country at first time, looks like I was too tired.
To draw Dragons, I think you should try again, I was poor on that at first too, but after few pictures I started to do better. Unfortunately I'm good at paper pencil art but not in photo shop or any other program so I still cant digit my art. But I'm learning and hope in future my art will make it's way to the net :wink:
And yes "sooner or later, time will tell"

05-26-2009, 02:29 PM
draw on paper and then scan it or use digital camera and just take a picture of the picture :wink:
ps. i just ordered my first tablet for PC :) small Wacom bamboo :)
(why when i'm thinking "wacom" i want to write "vacon"? occupational disease? :D )

05-26-2009, 09:29 PM
Hey again, welcome to Herpy!

I can't draw either, in fact I'm probably worse than anyone else at drawing.

05-26-2009, 11:44 PM
Hey jacdaj thanks for the introduction, and welcome back to Herpy! :3 Much like you I think Jurassic Park was one of a few things that got me interested in reptiles at a very young age.

I like your "legal for family" hobby you mentioned, I'm the same way - I dabble in cleaner writing and also remote controlled stuff to keep a low profile, haha.

06-03-2009, 02:30 PM
Welcome to Herpy Ra'kannh ^.=.^ (I hope you don't mind me using your Draconic name :oops: )
I've read your post in the Dreams and Visions thread by the way, and I already replied to it..... :)

06-03-2009, 03:06 PM
hi :) thx all for reply

Yes Drgnluv3r, you can use Ra'kannh or Green :)
ps. i replied to your reply

06-07-2009, 03:16 AM
well!Welcome back to you're long hibernation!^^